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Shortlisted for
The Rubery International Book Awards 2023

"This is an intelligent and compelling novel offering an original take on post-pandemic dystopias. It’s a book that would appeal to both Adult and Young Adult readers.  We see the world from the perspective of Hazel, a 'driver', who has no reason to question the system that controls everyone’s life until one of her team apparently commits suicide. We share her journey as this mystery is unpacked, and her world is gradually revealed in all its dark reality.  When she meets Zac and Ethan, two subversives who try to enlighten her and persuade her to join them, the reader feels her dilemma. The mystery surrounding the Natural Births Experiment is handled adroitly, and believably. Human emotion is a key theme in the book: the cold, obedient Hazel is well-drawn in the early stages, and it’s pleasing to see her emotional life flowering, principally in her developing friendships, and also with the scenes in the Bio Med Centre. The novel raises worthwhile questions about the relationship between mother and child, and about consensus reality and our willingness to accept it. It works its way toward a satisfying climax as the team of subversives take on the New Citizen's Congress.  It’s an excellent thriller set in a plausibly sinister future world." The Rubery International Book Awards 2023 ​

Wipe Out can be ordered from all major bookshops worldwide and in Ireland from:

Books Paper Scissors,

Little Acorns, Derry,

Candlelight Books, Cavan,

Bridge Books, Dromore, Co Down, 


The Secret Bookshelf, Carrickfergus,


Liber Books, Sligo,

Also from Amazon UK and Amazon USA

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